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Publications & Patents

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           HS Kim, S Ryu, SH Yoon, S Lee, J Song, Y Choi, M Baek, HB Lee, S Jon, “Spheroid culture of ER+ breast cancer patient-derived tumor cells enriches cancer stem-likecells with EpCAM-/CD49f+ and high ALDH activity and poor prognostic gene signatures”, Cancer Research (IF: 13.312) (2022 Jun 15)


           TW Kim, Y Kim, H Keum, W Jung, M Kang, S Jon,Combination of a STAT3 inhibitor with anti-PD-1 immunotherapy is an effective treatment regimen for a vemurafenib-resistant melanoma”, Molecular Therapy-Oncolytics (IF: 6.311) (2022 Jun 6)


           H Park, H Jeon, HJ Cha, J Bang, Y Song, M Choi, D Sung, WI Choi, JH Lee, JS Woo, S Jon, S Kim, “Purification of Therapeutic Antibodies Using the Ca2+-Dependent Phase-Transition Properties of Calsequestrin”, Analytical chemistry (IF: 8.008) (2022 April 7)


           B Yu, D Yoo, KH Kim, TW Kim, S Park, Y Kim, Y Son, J Kim, I Noh, CH Whang, J Chung, S Jon,Effective Combination Immunotherapy through Vessel Normalization Using a CancerTargeting Antiangiogenic Peptide–Antibody Hybrid”, Advanced Therapeutics (IF: 5.003) (2022 April)


           H Keum, D Kim, CH Whang, A Kang, S Lee, W Na, S Jon, “Impeding the Medical Protective Clothing Contamination by a Spray Coating of Trifunctional Polymers”, ACS omega (IF: 4.132) (2022 March 15)


           S RYU, HS Kim, SH Yoon, S Lee, J Song, M Baek, HB Lee, S Jon, W Han, “Analysis of immunophenotyping of patient-derived primary breast cancer cells according to the medium composition and culture method”, CANCER RESEARCH (IF: 13.312) (2022 February 15)


           SH Yoon, HS Kim, J Song, S Kwon, S Ryu, M Baek, S Lee, HB Lee, HG Moon, DY Noh, S Jon, W Han, “Abstract P5-12-11: NSDHL knockdown decreases tightly cohesive tumorsphere formation and breast cancer stem cell population”, Cancer Research (IF: 13.312) (2022 February 15)


           S RYU, HS Kim, SH Yoon, S Lee, J Song, M Baek, HB Lee, S Jon, W Han, “Abstract P1-05-09: Analysis of immunophenotyping of patient-derived primary breast cancer cells according to the medium composition and culture method”, Cancer Research (IF: 13.312) (2022 February 15)


           H Keum, D Yoo, S Jon,Photomedicine based on heme-derived compounds”, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (IF: 17.873) (2022 February 3)


           S Pareek, A Flegle, D Boagni, J Kim, D Yoo, A Trujillo-Ocampo, S Lee, Mao Zhang, S Jon, J Im,  “Post Transplantation Bilirubin Nanoparticles Ameliorate Murine Graft Versus Host Disease via a Reduction of Systemic and Local Inflammation”, Frontiers in Immunology (IF: 8.786) (2022 January 1)




      W Ai, S Bae, Q Ke, S Su, R Li, Y Chen, D Yoo, E Lee, S Jon, PM Kang, “Bilirubin Nanoparticles Protect Against Cardiac Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in Mice”, JAHA (IF: 5.501) (2021 October 19)



      PE Saw, X Xu, S Kim, S Jon, “Biomedical Applications of a Novel Class of High-Affinity Peptides”, ACR (IF: 22.384) (2021 August 18)



      I Noh, Y Son, W Jung, M Kim, D Kim, H Shin, YC Kim, S Jon*,Targeting the tumor microenvironment with amphiphilic near-infrared cyanine nanoparticles for potentiated photothermal immunotherapy”, Biomaterials (IF: 12.479) (2021 August 1)



      H Keum, D Kim, J Kim, TW Kim, CH Whang, W Jung, S Jon,A bilirubin-derived nanomedicine attenuates the pathological cascade of pulmonary fibrosis”, Biomaterials (IF: 12.479) (2021 June 22)



      S Kang, Y Kim, Y Shin, JJ Song, S Jon*,Antigen-Presenting, Self-Assembled Protein Nanobarrels as an Adjuvant-Free Vaccine Platform against Influenza Virus”, ACS Nano (IF: 15.881) (2021 June 11)



      D Yoo, W Jung, Y Son, S Jon*,Glutathione-Responsive Gold Nanoparticles as Computed Tomography Contrast Agents for Hepatic Diseases”, ACS Applied Bio Materials (2021 May 5)



      AM Ichzan, SH Hwang, H Cho, C San Fang, S Park, G Kim, J Kim, P Nandhakumar, B Yu, S Jon, KS Kim, H Yang, “Solid-phase recombinase polymerase amplification using an extremely low concentration of a solution primer for sensitive electrochemical detection of hepatitis B viral DNA”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics (IF: 10.618) (2021 May 1)



      H Keum, J Kim, D Yoo, TW Kim, C Seo, D Kim, S Jon*,Biomimetic lipid Nanocomplexes incorporating STAT3-inhibiting peptides effectively infiltrate the lung barrier and ameliorate pulmonary fibrosis”, JCR (IF: 9.776) (2021 April 10)



      TW Kim, Y Kim, W Jung, DE Kim, H Keum, Y Son, S Jon*,Bilirubin nanomedicine ameliorates the progression of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by modulating dendritic cells”, JCR (IF: 9.776) (2021 March 10)



      P Er Saw, S Jon,Understanding of the entry mechanism of nanoparticles into tumors determines the future direction of nanomedicine development”, BIO Integration (2021 January 1)



      PE Saw, X Xu, BR Kang, CH Choi, S Jon, K Chong*, "Extra-domain B of fibronectin as an alternative target for drug delivery and a cancer diagnostic and prognostic biomarker for malignant glioma", Theranostics (IF: 11.556) (2021 January 1)



      A Bhatia, HS Na, P Nandhakumar, B Yu, S Jon, J Chung*, H Yang*, “Electrochemical detection of interleukin-8 in human saliva using a polyenzyme label based on diaphorase and neutravidin”, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (2021 January 1)







      H Keum, TW Kim, Y Kim, C Seo, Y Son, J Kim, D Kim, W Jung, CH Whang, S Jon*​. "Bilirubin nanomedicine alleviates psoriatic skin inflammation by reducing oxidative stress and suppressing pathogenic signaling", JCR 2020, 325 (10), 359-369 (IF: 9.776) (2020 September)

      J Kim, J Lee, J Lee, H Keum, Y Kim, Y Kim, B Yu, SY Lee, J Tanaka, Jon S*, MC Choi* ​"Tubulin-Based Nanotubes as Delivery Platform for Microtubule-Targeting Agents", Adv. Mater., 2020, 32, 202002902 (IF: 30.849) (2020 August 18).

      Kim Y, Kang S, Shin H, Kim TW, Yu B, Kim J, Yoo D, Jon S*, ​"Sequential and timely combination of cancer nanovaccine with immune checkpoint blockade effectively inhibits tumor growth and relapse", Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2020, ange.202006117 (IF: 15.336) (2020 May 25).

      Chung CH, Jung W, Keum H, Kim TW, Jon S*, "Nanoparticles Derived From the Natural Antioxidant, Rosmarinic Acid, Ameliorate Acute Inflammatory Bowel Disease", ACS Nano, 2020, 0c01018 (IF: 15.881) (2020 May 25).

      Noh, I, Kim MS, Kim J, Lee DY, Oh D, Kim C, Jon S, Kim YC*, "Structure-inherent near-infrared bilayer nanovesicles for use as photoacoustic image-guided chemo-thermotherapy", J. Control. Release​, 2020, 320, 283-292. (IF: 9.776)



      Kim J, Keum H, Kim H, Yu B, Jung W, Whang CH, Seo C, Park JH, Jon S*​, "Gold nanorods with an ultrathin anti-biofouling siloxane layer for combinatorial anticancer therapy", J. Drug Target, 2020, 10.1080/1061186X.2020.1737086. (IF: 5.121)



      AMJ Haque, P Nandhakumar, G Kim, S Park, B Yu, NS Lee YH Yoon, S Jon, H Yang*, "Diaphorase-Catalyzed Formation of a Formazan Precipitate and Its Electrodissolution for Sensitive Affinity Biosensors", Anal. Chem., 2020, 92, 5, 3932-3939. (IF: 6.986)




      DY Lee, S Kang, Y Lee, JY Kim, D Yoo, W Jung, S Lee, YY Jeong, K Lee, S Jon*, "PEGylated Bilirubin-coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as a Biosensor for Magnetic Relaxation Switching-based ROS Detection in Whole Blood", Theranostics, 2020, 10 (5), 1997. (IF: 11.556)







  • J Yoo, NS Rejinold, DY Lee, I Noh, WG Koh, S Jon, YC Kim*, "CD44-mediated methotrexate delivery by hyaluronan coated nanoparticles composed of a branched cell-penetrating peptide", ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng., 2020, 6, 1, 494-504. (IF: 2.78)


  • C Jeong, I Noh, NS Rejinold, J Kim, S Jon, YC Kim*, "Self-assembled supramolecular bilayer nanoparticles composed of near-infrared dye as a theranostic nanoplatform to encapsulate hydrophilic drugs effectively", ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng., 2020, 6, 1, 474-484. (IF: 2.78)


  • Y Lee, K Sugihara, MG Gillilland, S Jon, N Kamada, JJ Moon*, "Hyaluronic acid-bilirubin nanomedicine for targeted modulation of dysregulated intestinal barrier, microbiome and immune responses in colitis", Nat. Mater.,19, 118-126. (IF: 38.887)


    • Saw PE*, Lee S, Jon S*, “Naturally Occurring Bioactive Compound-Derived Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications”, Adv. Therap. 2019; 2, 1800146 (IF: ) (Epub Feb 25) (IF:)

    • Kim DY, Hwang K, Ahn J, Seo YH, Kim JB, Lee S, Yoon JH, Kong E, Jeong Y, Jon S, Kim P and Jeong KH*, “Lissajous Scanning Two-photon Endomicroscope for In vivo Tissue Imaging”, Sci. Rep. 2019; 9(1), 3560 (IF: 4.122) (2019 Mar 5).


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